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Pesticides powder filling machine 2014 hot

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Pesticides powder filling machine

The pesticides powder filling machine has an automatic system. It can be filling the powder automatically.
When the machine finish the filling, filling heads replacement and the cut-off valve close, these ways can solve the water-clock problem effectively, the high effect and good stability problems.

The pesticide filling machine contain mainly part:
machine shelf
filling heads
measuring bump group
conveyer belt
electric motor
filling heads disappearing end bumper
cut off bottle machine
nylon convey liquid tube
opto-electrical search unit
valve, etc.
Certificate:  CE & GMP


Microcomputer to  control the length of the bag, 
Copulate  photo electric and helix-falling.
It control by  PLC for making  bag ,counting, filling, sealing,coding and cutting, it fits for 100-300MU powder. 
The bag can be sealed on three sides, four sides, or pillow. 
Packaging material:Paper/pe pet/al foil/penylon/pe,tealeaf filtering paper&ect. 
Option: Hot stamp ribbon coder(color style,ink wheel style);micro-computer controller 


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